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Waldo Point Harbor

Waldo Harbor is a privately owned 245 berth floating home marina located at the northern end of Richardson Bay in Sausalito California. The floating homes at WPH are all privately owned and have a lease with the harbor for their berth all of the berth at WPH are occupied and have been so since the 1970's.

Floating home sales and leasing are handled by each private home owner. The harbor office does not maintain a list of homes that are for sale or for lease. Floating homes are normally sold thru traditional real-estate firms. See links for more sales and rental information.

A Brief History of the Sausalito Floating home Community

The houseboat community started its evolution in the late 1940's after the end of WWII. A large portion of the Sausalito waterfront was transformed during the war into a Liberty Ship construction site by the War Department and private Industry. Shortly after the war the area was sold off to private owners primarily for the purpose of salvaging the vast array of equipment and materials left over form the ship building companies.

Devoid of any long term plan the area languished into the 1950's and it was during this time that a hearty group of "Beat " generation folks started to occupy the abandon barges and construction buildings left behind at the end of the war. The community grew in number thru the 50's as early 60's and it was during this period that the entire area became well known as artist, writer, Intellectual stronghold... During the late 60's and into the 70's the community leaped in population with the influx of the "hippies" that migrated to the Bay area from across the country.

The 1970's brought on the inevitable clash between a fast growing alternate community and new governmental regulatory agencies that were impart created by the environmentally concerned residents of the houseboat community. Throughout the 70's and 80's the area painfully went thru a complete rebuilding era that brought standard building code upgrades to the homes and marinas. These changes have slowly transformed the makeup and flavor of the community into the eclectic and diverse population you find today on the Sausalito waterfront.